The goal of art has always been to elicit emotion from its audience, and that is the main goal of Apollo Architect. Created in 2014, Apollo Architect is the instrumental Rock project of Bobby Kumar (they/she). The project incorporates elements of rock, classical, and electronic music for its sound.

The project’s list of influences come from a variety of genres, including progressive rock bands like Coheed and Cambria, producers like Kanye West and Trent Reznor, and composers like Max Richter and Has Zimmer.

Bobby is responsible for most of Apollo Architect’s aesthetic, not only in sound, which is recorded by them, but in a majority of the project’s artwork as well. Apollo Architect’s music is greatly influenced by topics such as mental health, identity, and connection.

Apollo Architect’s sound was first heard in their debut EPs ‘The Wanderer’ and ‘The Cutting-Room Floor’ (2015) and further defined in the full-length album ‘Bohemian Soul (2017) mixed by Collin Carnegie of Midnight Vesta, incorporating the usage of a string quartet.

After working with the grassroots mental illness visibility group Make It Mindful in 2018, Apollo Architect re-releases their first two EPs in 2020 and early 2021 respectively, with plans to release seven more EPs before releasing three albums in 2022





While having aspects of “lightness’ and “catchiness” there is an underlying dark layer [...] like looking into a polished opal, a blackened burgundy mineral veined with vibrant royal and aqua blues, shimmering sparkling golds, and seemingly living greens.



[...] creating nice melodic pieces to make the day pass by quickly. Some might be heavy-handed and others are like soft tissue powdering your nose with guitar fingering.




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